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Welcome to Martelec, the specialists in RS232 data logging

Martelec is a data logging solutions provider offering RS232 data logging and related products for international delivery. Our world-leading AntiLog range of data loggers has been designed and developed to meet the needs of any RS232 data logging application, whilst overcoming the pitfalls and shortcomings of PDA and PC-based solutions: lost data, slow baud rates, power-hungry, and often not easy to use.

AntiLog has been chosen by hundreds of companies in over 50 countries worldwide for its unrivalled flexibility, low power consumption, and reliability, from the world's foremost armed services, industrial and medical corporations, to research institutes. The range of fields which AntiLog is deployed in are far too many to list, but they all share one thing in common: an appreciation of AntiLog's many smart features which mean that there is virtually no RS232 data logging task that it is not up to.

This universal acclaim has come about because AntiLog is continually being developed and improved, based upon feedback from our customers.... and here's the clever bit, because AntiLog is firmware based, users can upgrade their data logger simply by downloading the latest release of firmware.

We are even happy to talk about specially-customised versions of AntiLog to meet your exact RS232 data logging requirements.

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